Delish Dish Cat Bowl – Red


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No need to store these glass looking pet bowls away with the fancy china and silver spoons. The Delish Dish range looks and feels like high-end glassware but is made of tough plastic materials suitable for every dining. This virtually indestructible bowl features a triple mould design to ensure that even if dropped, or tipped it is very unlikely to crack or break. Delish Dish puts the FUN into FUNctional foodware. This stylish collection sports a fish or bone design and is available in a range of brilliant colours to suit your pet’s individual taste. The materials used in the Delish Dish have been tested in the USA and were FDA approved. The results mean a dish that is safe for your pet with peace of mind that no nasty chemicals are leaching into your pet’s food. Clean up of the Delish Dish is a breeze, as you can simply rinse it off and throw it in the dishwasher. These Dishes are great for everyday use, and are easy to keep clean, whilst adding a little sophistication to the pet’s meal.