Puppy Pee Training Pads


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These puppy pee training pads help take the hassle out of training your pet to pee properly within your home. Each pad comprises of six layers of maximum absorption and protection incorporating Japanese polymer and USA fluff. Absorbing up to 850 ml of liquid, you can be assured that your floor is not stained while your puppy undergoes training. The quilted puppy pee training pads also offer 12 hours of protection, so that you only need to replace them twice a day.

The puppy pee training pads are infused with a scent to attract your puppy so that it knows exactly where to urinate. The pads are also treated for anti-bacterial protection and are non-toxic to neutralise bad odours that are inevitable from toilet training. Not least, you can also use the pads to line your pet cage or carrier for no-mess carrying and transportation of your pup.


6 layers of protection: Non-woven fabric, Top tissue, Fluff pulp, SAP, Back tissue, PE film
Antibacterial protection
Tear resistant covers
Neutralises odours
Scented to attract pets
Completely absorbs 850 ml of liquid
12 hours of protection
Consists 5 g of super absorbent polymer (imported from Japan)
Imported fluff from USA
Easy to dispose of


Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Quantity per box: 50
Colour: Pink

Package Content:

Puppy Training Pads  – 100 or 200 pack

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100, 200

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